Our Mission

We exist to give young adults exposure to tech or trade careers.

At M2BF, our mission is dedicated to fostering financial success for young adults, particularly those from underrepresented communities. We focus on nurturing careers in technology and trades, sectors we believe are key to establishing a more balanced economic environment. Your contributions will support our initiatives, empowering these young individuals to envision and mold their own futures.

Our current programs include Trading Places, Apprenticeship, and Tech Experience. Trading Places offers a chance to shadow professionals in trades like Plumbing, HVAC, Electrical work, and other aspects of construction providing firsthand exposure to these fields. The Apprenticeship program is designed for trades school students, offering them essential apprenticeship hours. Finally, Tech Experience is an initiative that delves into the role of technology in our daily lives, highlighting careers such as Salesforce Administrator, Website Developer and Digital Marketer.
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Our Commitment

At M2BF, we are committed to unlocking financial prosperity for individuals within marginalized communities.

At M2BF, we are committed to being the company for good, exhibiting excellence in everything we do and being the change we want to see.

In short about us.

We love what we do.

Tash and Derrick Billie co-founded Meant2BFree, a dual-interface platform designed for coaches and clients, aimed at enhancing the capabilities of organizations. Initially, the platform's mission was to support community-based organizations focused on financial education, enabling them to reach a broader audience. After two years of development, Meant2BFree evolved into a nonprofit organization, aligning more closely with the community's needs.

The organization's current focus is to introduce young adults to careers in technology and trades. This initiative is driven by Tash and Derrick's own professional experiences in these sectors and their passion for these fields. They are particularly motivated by the desire to increase representation of people of color in technology and trades, sectors where diversity is currently limited.

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